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Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Rogers offers dental bridges as an option for replacing missing teeth. They work by “bridging” the gap between two remaining teeth. Depending on the situation there are many options for how this procedure is performed.

Traditional bridges (fixed bridges) create a false tooth with a dental crown on either side. Crowns are then fitted over the remaining teeth to hold the false tooth in place.

With a resin-bonded bridge, the false tooth is fused to a metal band. The metal band is then bonded to the back of remaining teeth with white material to match natural teeth.

In the case of only one tooth directly next to the missing tooth, we use Cantilever bridge. These bridges consist of two side-by-side crowns and only one is connected to the false tooth.

We also use aesthetic crowns to improve appearance and function. Similar to a crown applied to a damaged tooth, aesthetic crowns should be designed heavily for functional purposes. However, with these types of crowns there is a strong emphasis on physical appearance. Porcelain us often used for its translucent appearance and healthy, functional qualities.

Bridges can last up to 10 years with proper oral hygiene. If you have questions about how dental bridges can be beneficial to you or your family, please contact us today.