Modern Dentistry

Micro Dentistry

MicroDentistry is the philosophy and practice of finding and treating decay as early as possible, of removing as little tooth structure as possible, of making the smallest possible restorations (fillings) and of assuring that those restorations are esthetically pleasing and long lasting.

Air Abrasion

airAir abrasion is a gentle spray of an air-and-powder mix that removes tooth decay.  By controlling the speed and the intensity of both the powder and the air, the procedure is virtually painless.  Since a shot is not necessary in most cases, you will not have numb or drooping lips after your dental procedure.  The art and science of dentistry have changed, offering a no needle, no drill, no fear procedure for removing decay.  Since air abrasion is achieved by directing a thin stream of abrasive powder at the area of tooth decay, your dentist removes only minimal sections of tooth - only the decayed area.  Until now, all the dentist had to use was that noisy drill.  But it was so big - in comparison to a beam of powder - that it removed a lot of healthy tooth structure.  Perfect for children.  Most cavities that are detected can be treated immediately, without a drill and without a needle.

Composite Restoration

Once Air Abrasion removes the decay, we will fill that cavity with a nearly invisible, non-mercury filling, making the entire tooth strong, long lasting and resistant to decay.  It's result is very attractive and looks like a brand new tooth.
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